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Cookies at youngvic.org

If you’re seeing this page, it’s because you don’t have cookies enabled on your web browser. It’s very quick to fix - but just in case you need a quick guide, you may find the following information useful!

What are cookies?
Cookies are small strings of text that are stored out of sight on your computer. Here’s an example of one that our website might store:

Why does the Young Vic website need them?
It helps speed the booking process up. Our website pulls a lot of information directly from our ticketing system in our theatre - cookies help your computer remember most of that information so it’s quicker next time.

Are cookies harmful?
No. They’re just strings of letters and numbers: they’re not viruses. They’re used by a lot of websites to make them better for you.

How do I enable them?
That depends on the web browser you’re using. If you don’t know what browser you’re using, click here to find out. Once you know this, you can find the relevant information here.

Can I still book a ticket if I don’t want to enable cookies?
Absolutely – just give us a ring on (020) 7922 2922. We’re open from Monday to Saturday between 10am and 6pm. At present you need cookies to book online, but we’d be very happy to help you in person.

Is there any other information about cookies I can read up on?
Plenty – here are some websites we’ve found useful:

AboutCookies.org: Run by a legal firm, this has a great FAQ page and offers suggestions on how to control and delete cookies, as well as a great recipe…
CookieCentral.com: A lot of information from a non-legal perspective here.
Wikipedia: A broad overview, and a great analogy of cookies being like cloakroom tickets.