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Young Vic, 66 The Cut, Waterloo
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The Twenty Thrive Exhibition. From 14th to 21st October 2022. Image description: The words 'The Twenty Thrive Exhibition' in orange sits above '/ Celebrating 25 years of creating, exploring and Taking Part in our community' in burnt orange. An orange and purple stamp with the words 'Young Vic Taking Part' and the number 25 above it is at the bottom right.

A Young Vic Taking Part project

The Twenty Thrive Exhibition

Celebrating 25 years of creating, exploring and Taking Part in our community

Hourly time slots available 

Mon - Wed, 12pm - 6pm
Thu, 12pm - 9pm
Fri, 12pm - 7pm
Sat, 11am - 7pm


The Maria Studio

Pose under a giant disco ball, walk on clouds or be transported to a celestial forest. Immerse yourself in five different worlds, all within the walls of the Young VicThe Twenty Thrive Exhibition is a free interactive exhibition that celebrates the last 25 years of shows that the Young Vic’s community have brought to its stages.  

The Twenty Thrive Exhibition has been curated and designed by young people from Southwark and Lambeth with multi-disciplinary artists, Myah Jeffers and QianEr Jin. Explore the role the Young Vic has played in our community and how our community has made us who we are today. 

Part of Taking Part 25, a season of work celebrating 25 years of the Young Vic’s creative engagement department.

Workshop photography by Anne Tetzlaff
  • Exhibition Warnings


    This exhibition involves walking around the space at your own pace and optional audience interaction. It contains changing lighting states and ambient sound. It also includes references to ill mental health, the sex industry, homelessness and political struggle. It has one exhibit that includes minimal strong language which visitors do not have to engage with.

  • Programme


  • Pre-Exhibition Information (PDF Version)


Creatives Myah Jeffers & QianEr Jin

Lighting Designer Luke Jackson

Further creatives and participants to be announced

Relaxed Environment 

Visitors should feel comfortable making noise, move around when they need to and respond naturally in a friendly environment.

All films are captioned.

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