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'BREATHE...123…' by Jennifer Akre, inspired by The Unforgotten

By youngviclondon 26 Oct 2020

'BREATHE...123…' by Jennifer Akre, inspired by The Unforgotten



BREATH has NO license. BREATH is an obedient sacred service to life. The first breath is important because it announces to parents that “I have arrived” and I have a lot to accomplish while I am alive”, and every cry tells MOTHERS and FATHERS: YOU MATTER.

When intervention comes, it only comes when something has gone seriously wrong.

Brave souls, young warriors light the way because they are LEADERS not followers.  They march together for they ARE unity.  They stand together in solidarity.  A convergence of ancestries – a poetic embrace of human tapestry.  They are fighting for futures, and for what is fair and judicious.  They are pleading the case for their generation, for lost innocence is gaining international resonance.

“NOT ANOTHER BLACK LIFE” is boldly written on large placards in large caps and courageously held up, because there is no turning back.  With their energies they share the urgency of what is needed to be said.

Hyde Park, London   Toronto, Canada   Paris, France   Tokyo, Japan      Minneapolis, Minnesota U.S.A…

…Beyond The Milky Way…


Written by Jennifer Akre in response to The Unforgotten, a free interactive art installation at the Young Vic which participates in and contributes to the ongoing conversation within the Black Lives Matter movement regarding whose image we uphold and elevate, offering our community an alternative view of leadership. To find out more visit