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During this period of social distancing, the Young Vic will be running some of our activities digitally. From our yearlong TWENTY TWENTY project to our teams creating digital Zines, (Hear Us) and responses to the Main House shows (Under My Barbie Duvet). And as such we have created guidelines for staff and participants involved in our projects to keep each other safe when engaging remotely.

Safeguarding for Participants: Guidelines for working digitally

Throughout the pandemic we have continued working digitally, staying connected, and creating work together to support one another. 

To do this, we have been and will continue to use digital platforms. When using these platforms, you must protect yourself and your families by following our online code of conduct. Please do take the time to read through these guidelines.

  • Live Video Chats

    • Make sure people you are living with know you are on a live video chat. Don’t include them in the chat.
    • If you are under 18 you must not use your full name - first names will do.
    • If you are under 18 we will need permission from your parent or carer for you to take part.
    • Wear appropriate clothing, even on parts of you that you think won’t be seen.
    • Remember that it’s easy to misinterpret things online – please ask directly if something is not clear.
    • Respect everyone's input and give each other time to respond.
    • There will be a Young Vic member of staff present at all times - if you’re worried about anything, please refer to them or to the workshop leader directly.
    • Do not record or take photos of anything without the others consent.
    • The Young Vic will only share any content produced using official company accounts.
    • Final edits will be shared with participants before sharing on a public platform.
  • Zoom


    We are using Zoom video conferencing to facilitate many of our programmes. Here are some guidelines for taking part in our activities on Zoom:

    • Keep your microphone on mute and unmute when you need to speak – this limits background noise and helps everyone to hear better.
    • Use headphones if possible, especially if you live with other people.
    • We will ask your permission if we would like to record the session.
    • Please don’t take any pictures or screenshots, or record the session yourself.
    • You may be held in a virtual waiting room before the session starts – please wait and you will be allowed into the session when the host is ready.
    • Our sessions will be password protected, so that only those invited can access them

    Please note that the Young Vic is not affiliated with Zoom - you can read Zoom’s privacy policy here:

  • Submitting Videos

    • If you’re creating a video response as part of a project with us, please remember the following:
    • Don’t use your full name
    • Don’t film things that might reveal your exact address, school or somewhere you go regularly (e.g. a job or hobby)
    • Don’t film anyone else under the age of 18
    • Wear appropriate clothing
    • Keep yourself safe - don’t share something that feels too personal, complicated or sad.

    If you are worried or concerned about anything online or personal during this period please contact Shereen-Jasmin Phillips, Director of Taking Part, or Lorna McGinty, Participation Producer, via email. 

  • Contacting us


    We are contactable on email during this time. Please email the relevant address.

    The Taking Part department have a designated phone which participants can call to contact any member of the team, to access information about a project. The phone is held by a team member who is DBS checked. The phone number will be sent to you if you are involved in a project with us.