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In partnership with the Young Vic Creators Program

Wed 13 Apr, 4pm - 6pm (BST)

Free Zoom event


As new technologies provide more power to create, they also bring up questions and choices creators didn’t need to navigate before. New technologies have seen accelerated adoption by theatre-makers during the theatre closures of 2020/21 - from Augmented, Virtual and Extended Reality to Artificial Intelligence, Immersive and Haptic Technology and Binaural and other forms of audio.

But whose experience(s) do we simulate or augment, where does ableism meet technology, and how do we keep experiences accessible and inclusive? And how do we deal with pervasive technology, user data and the moral implications of simulating or faking reality to almost imperceptible veracity? This event brings together creators at the forefront of innovation with thinkers in technoethics.


Jennifer Tang (Genesis Fellow / Associate Director Young Vic), Dylan Fox (XR Designer & Accessibility Advocate with XR Access & D.R. Fox Design) and Nina Salomons (XR Consultant & Creative with AnomieXR, XR Diversity Initiative & MINDBUBBLE)


Young Vic Creators Program

Speakers Jennifer Tang, Dylan Fox and Nina Salomons 

In Partnership with the Young Vic’s Creators Program

British Signed Language (BSL) translation and auto-generated captioning

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